How do preorders work?

You can buy as many yarns within the announced days, as stock will be purchased based on orders. Please anticipate 4-6 weeks for your order to ship.

What yarn bases do you offer?

Currently we stock natural fibres sourced within Canada. We carry 10 yarn bases ranging from different fibres and yarn weights so there are plenty to choose from. Check out "Yarn Bases" to see more detail. We also offer special bases for specific collections.

Will my yarn look exactly like the photos?

Since all hanks are dyed by hand, each skein is individually different. Recipes are followed for a given colour way and we implement quality control standards to make sure that the colours stay consistent. There may be a slight variation between skein, lots and batches, so try to alternate skeins when knitting as much as possible.

Can I still order yarn once the collection period has ended?

Unfortunately no. Preorder collections are available for a limited time and once the sale is over, they are sold out. This allows us to buy what we need and dye the exact amount. We love the idea of small batch preorders and want to be able to experiment with as many colours as possible. Sometimes throughout the year we may bring back favourites or specific collections, so make sure you keep an eye out for the preorders!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship worldwide.

How do I knit with a hank?

Our yarns are wound into hanks that are needed to be wound into balls or cakes before you can work with them. You can either use a swift and yarn winder or find alternatives like a wool wand or the bottom of a chair haha!

How do I wash my knitwear?

For non-super wash fibres, we recommend washing your knitwear  by hand with wool soap. Fill a tub with warm water and a small amount of wool soap. Carefully place your knit into the water and leave for around 20 minutes. Roll your knit in a wool and squeeze the water out. Avoid rubbing or excessive movement. Lie flat to dry.

What does it mean by superwash?

Superwash is a treatment method that makes the natural fibre resistant to shrinking or felting. This allows the yarn to be put into the laundry machine without the worry of it shrinking.