Yarn Schedule

Pre Order Schedule

Items ordered during the pre order sale will be dyed and packed 4-6 weeks after the pre order closes. Orders will be shipped on a rolling basis as each colour way is finished and will be shipped when all items are fulfilled in your order.


Studio Ghibli Monthly Yarns

Castle in the Sky (December) - Finished

Princess Mononoke (January) - Finished

Whispers of the Heart (February) - Finished

When the Wind Rises (March) - Finished

Spirited Away (April) - Finished

When Marnie Was Here (May) - Finished

Ponyo (June) - Finished

Howl's Moving Castle (July) - Finished

My Neighbour Totoro (August) - Finished

(September) - Queued

(October) - Queued




Mononoke Bliss Collection - Finished

Howl's Moving Castle Collection - Preorder Coming Soon



Advent Yarns

Unlucky Classics - Finished

Old Christmas - Labelling

Classy Christmas - Dyeing

In Love Classics - Not Started

Valentine's Sock Set - Not Started

Vintage Valentine's Notion - Not Started






Updated as of Oct. 30, 2023